Body Massage

Detox Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

It is NOT only a deep tissue massage therapy. We combine deep tissue massage, aroma oil massage and hot stone treatment in order to maximize the result.

Procedure : Deep Tissue Massage → Aroma Oil Massage → Hot Stone Treatment

*** We use Aroma Oil, from Brand, ‘Les Aromes’

45 minutes : $60
60 minutes : $80
90 minutes : $120

Korean Stomach Massage Therapy

40 minutes : $50

Korean Meridian Massage Therapy

60 minutes : $100
90 minutes : $130
120 minutes : $160

Facial Treatment

Facial - Hydrating

45 minutes : $60
60 minutes : $80

Whitening, Tightening, Reviving, Anti-aging

60 minutes : $90

3-dimensional Face Minification

As you get older, toxin, waste and fat that were not able to be discharged from the body system become accumulated under the skins, especially around face. This is the reason why facial shapes of people after 30’s look flat and wide although it was not how they looked like in younger ages.

3-dimentional Face Minification is a Korean style beauty therapy which breaks down and discharges wastes and fat as well as loosening hardened facial muscles. The therapy lets you regain the shape of face when you were young. In addition, it increases elasticity of your facial skin.

80 minutes $100
80 minutes $100 (with Aroma Therapy)

Automezo Stem-Cell Therapy (Wrinkle treatment, Pore size reduction)

This is a treatment during which skin is stimulated with micro needles in order to rejuvenate new skin cells. We know that skin treatments with laser, IPL systems, and Fraxel systems cleave and destroy skin cells mandatorily. On the other hand, this micro needle therapy awakens rejuvenating ability that is already embedded within our body, and revives skin cells naturally.

This treatment can be applied to anyone regardless of age and sex. Also, it can be used for wound removal. There is no side effect on repetitive treatments since the treatment is not mandatory.

80 minutes $130

Micro-organism Natural Therapy

150 minutes : $200

Body Pack

Slimming Pack, Health Pack

60 minutes : $80

Slimming Pack, Health Pack (Les Aromes)

60 minutes : $100

Micro-organism Detox Pack

60 minutes : $100

Orange Paraffin Pack Therapy

120 minutes : $200