Welcome to Hue Spa Detox Clinic

is a clinical spa which implements techniques and products that are specially designed for natural detoxification to provide health and well-being lifestyles to our customers.


  1. 1 Deep Tissue Massage
    We combine deep tissue massage, aroma oil massage and hot stone treatment in order to maximize the result.
  2. 2 Facial - Hydrating
    Facial - Hydrating Service

  3. 3 3D Face Minification
    3D Face Minification is a Korean style beauty therapy which breaks down and discharges wastes and fat as well as loosening hardened facial muscles.


Reactivating Serum (30ml $170)

Precious distillate with elevated anti-aging properties.

Herbal BB Cream (30ml $72)

Precious blend of essential oils featuring a restoring action upon beauty problems caused by malfunction of micro-circulation and exposure to external agents (pollution, wind, dirt, etc.).